Community 001 once in the O2O tuyere flying pigs, now fell disabled

001 only a short while ago, the community has become almost synonymous with the community, O2O and now, about the bankruptcy rumors, once the "O2O star" companies have not had time to grow to have aging or even death? Why?

"lost contact" community 001


crazy subsidies, in 2014 to finance billions of dollars of "community 001" (Beijing home Czech Republic to send Agel Ecommerce Ltd’s electronic business platform) still can not survive the death of burning money".

in the community O2O outlet, 001 community was founded in February 2012, founded by Shao Yuanyuan, Xue Manzi, Du Guoqiang three investors, is a local community to provide online shopping and delivery service website, operation mode for the users through a single platform, the platform to take the goods from the supermarket, for customers door-to-door, dedicated to solve community in the last mile delivery problems.

then won 001 community financing rounds, in October 2013 won the silver sea capital, Shanghai to view the investment of millions of dollars to get angel round of financing; April 2014 million yuan A round of financing (including five mountains in the world for its investment of 40 million yuan). In October 2014, Xue, one of his angel investors, announced in micro-blog that community 001 received $100 million in B round of financing, valued at 2 billion yuan.

however, since August this year, a number of media broke the news that community 001 has not been issued monthly grassroots staff salaries, and completely stop orders. "World network operator" reporter through the community 001 official website learned that, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, and even Beijing and Shanghai and other business district stores, points in after the show, "the merchant has been closed."". Previously, there are reporters visited the house universal Plaza B block 1207 community 001 Ji’nan branch, found the company locked the door, no one answered many times after knocking at the door. Dial multiple phones are no answer, only voice prompts said, "from September 18th to suspend the acceptance of life supermarket orders, is expected to return to normal in October 18th, boutique supermarket products can be normal orders."".

in Baidu Post Bar "community 001" bar, employees have come out, the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. In September 14th, 001 community founder and CEO Shao Yuanyuan had sent to employees in an open letter, the letter said, "are looking for all kinds of effective methods and measures to solve the difficulties and problems, short-term, and hope that employees face" very few competitors harbour evil designs and some existing problems in the use of motivation and morality this kind of problem of manufacturing panic and confusion and agitation confusion ", keep your mind quiet.

in the late August, Shao Yuanyuan had to "billion European Network" said, community 001 is dismantling the VlE architecture, take some time, the company is therefore affected by the funds.

, some employees don’t buy it

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