A List Apart classic translation Web design Road (Part )

road in 90s, just like Zen in 70s. All can be affected by the road, or push the way. Web design, small technology, however in the moral, we will still find it contains a profound truth. Is philosophy, like the Buddha, is a kind of life and the way, from the ancient "moral", this part has 81 chapters of the obscure texts cover human experience, but it is always about a theme, harmony.

over the past few years, good or bad, my life is related to the Style Sheet, I write software, tutorials and guidelines; answered countless questions through the newsgroup or email through The Web Standards and Project. Slowly, I had a completely different understanding of the Web design and saw the connection between design and the tao.

what I see is an intense relationship between the actual Web and the ideal Web; between the existing media, the print media and the Web. And now is the time for the two to sort out, but also let Web let go of their own time.

conservative new media?

"virtue is not virtue, is a virtue. Virtue is not lost, virtue is without virtue."

, the moral Sutra, chapter thirty-eighth,

have you ever seen early television programs? They are explanatory pictures, when television was aptly called "picture broadcast."". Many TV programs are borrowed from popular radio programs. And now, ubiquitous night interviews, or news, still carry the shadow of the old media of early television.

The same goes for

‘s early music television, which simply mimics the way they perform before the camera.

but a new media has developed from the old media. Some of its reference to the old media can be understood, but it can not be used for reference. Otherwise, it is a limit to the new media". The passage of time, the new media will have its own form, but those unreasonable things away.

if you have seen the early TV series, they also need someone to explain the radio drama, the audience can not see the picture, the early drama often have to explain, explain that the audience can see things easy problems this is the old media into new media.

Web is new media, although it comes from printing, printing skills, design and practices that have a huge impact on Web. However, Web and printing too similar, the "killer website" is often the Web to tame wild, let the page as they are law-abiding sites like paper, also is the printed version of the Web desktop. It’s natural, "Germany is not lost," but we need to move forward and make Web its own media

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