Site security is not just a webmaster thing

July 5th, Microsoft broke out major security vulnerabilities, together with Microsoft MPEG-2 video analysis module, 0day vulnerabilities large-scale network attacks have erupted. Short time hackers already made 967 site 7740 site was linked to horse. The attack site includes Meikailong website, in the video, China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, China leather net, Chinese coal network and other famous sites. According to statistics from the 360 security center, more than 150663 high-risk visits have been intercepted, but this figure is still growing at a high rate. It is reported that this is the Ministry of industry "Trojan horse and botnet monitoring and disposal mechanism" after the introduction of the most significant network security threats.

, the webmaster of a website, is most worried about what’s wrong with the site. It’s actually stability and security. Stability and security is a prerequisite for the normal operation of the site, the stability depends on good space and server, and security is not only IDC’s technical support and service assurance, more need to strengthen security awareness of its Adsense website. Now, the hacker industry has formed a Trojan industry chain, and the attack is becoming more and more hidden, making it difficult for users and webmasters to guard against. Once the site has been implanted Trojan or malicious programs, if not promptly taken remedial measures, the consequences will be unimaginable. Not only the website data has been destroyed, personal privacy, game accounts, online banking and other important information have been stolen, the personal privacy and property safety of the crisis station. Access to the user’s personal computer will therefore be linked to horse, in addition to the damaged data account password stolen, can also cause a vicious spiral, when the infected user access to the network, and will spread to other computer Trojan virus, to form a huge network of broilers. The harm to the Internet is enormous, and the losses will be incalculable.

webmaster satisfied think website security issues not only is the webmaster of a personal thing, but related to the user’s personal information security, and even affect the entire Internet Security and stability. For web security, webmasters and IDC to strengthen the security of the site, individual users should also raise their awareness of security, and strengthen protection measures. While operators and network supervision departments should actively for the owners and users to provide a secure and stable network environment, and increase efforts to combat cyber crime.

webmaster, as the manager of the website, must realize the hidden trouble of the website security problem. If the site is linked to the horse, may face can’t access or decreased the rate of loss of important data, user computer poisoning, search engine drop right or be K, many problems of user viscosity decline. Therefore, the webmaster should first learn how to effectively resist hackers and Trojan horse attacks. Choose a safe and stable website program, select the service assured IDC service providers to ensure safety, careful care of their account passwords and e-mail, regular backup site data, good safety and protection of personal computer, install genuine anti-virus software and firewalls, develop good surfing habits…… These are the webmaster need to pay attention to.

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