Stationmaster is really not easy

to do a website, 07 years from now, there have been a little bit of success, at least I think so, did not start thinking about making money, it seems that many things are so natural, website development is very good, but when something associated with profit when it is not imagined. Later, the site is more want to make money, in dealing with many problems appear very urgent, but also lead to some unexpected problems on the web site. In a word, it’s really not easy.

such as the title, this year, has been running his own site, the effect is not very good so far, including the TV site, although in its infancy, still have great expectations, because inside their own efforts. Online yesterday 12, I was busy in front of the computer’s Web site, the wife has been urging me, then I say there are 2 minutes, wife complained not press have been Xiamang! I snappily said and not playing, wife then said the ghosts know in..

this time I feel very sad, but also understand the wife, busy for a long time, also do not see results, sometimes really want to give up, compared with his wife even before the TV time is less, but turned his head and thought, has insisted for so long time, don’t give up so I don’t? Willingly.

do it really is not easy, especially I like this, quote is: eat less than pigs, do more than a cow, sleep later than the dog, get up earlier than chicken! Every day body is bad, the site does not appear to be much better, this is stationmaster of life. But I want to say, since choose, can not easily give up, persist there is hope.

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