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why do some female nipples itch? Related to women’s health problems can not be underestimated! Other parts of the body when the itch can scratch, but this sensitive part of the nipple itch, it is more embarrassing. Many female friends are more or less will have this embarrassing situation, the nipple itchy? Nipple itching should be how to do? Let’s take a look at it!

nipple itching phenomenon

sitting in the office, or on the road, suddenly feel like nipple itch… And itch, people can not help but want to put his hand in his underwear in a catch that catch itch! Usually the nipple itch is not what good phenomenon, possible reasons for this phenomenon in addition to material underwear you allergic to, dry skin, serious situation is likely to be breast cancer precursors, Paget’s disease of the nipple. Remember, if your nipples often feel itching, don’t think that is a normal phenomenon, and quickly reflect on your underwear is not clean, or you are not dressed for your underwear material. If you exclude underwear, itching phenomenon is really very serious, that is to go to the hospital to check better!

adolescent female

breast began to develop rapidly, of course, the nipple will soon grow up. At this time, we must pay attention to its local health. Due to the rapid development of the increased secretions, provided the conditions for the growth of various bacteria, if you do not pay attention to local health, use bad shower gel, soap and bust clothing, has a chance to cause dry and peeling, cause nipple intolerable itching is not spared.

late pregnancy nipple itch

this is a normal response to pregnancy. As time passed, foam, nipple will rise, often with hot towel rub, the white stuff, this is a normal phenomenon.

eczema — the most common cause of pruritus

occurs in all age groups. People with allergies or family history were more likely to have eczema. Including environmental triggers eczema: dry skin, bath time is too long, dyes and spices, skin care products in the detergent, wool and foam environmental allergens and pressure etc.. Medical and medical history. Most of the treatment is local treatment, such as steroid creams. In addition, experts suggest that patients with self-care and protection, for ease of eczema is also very important. The most important thing is to avoid known allergies. Try to keep the skin moist. Try not to use soap as much as possible, do not soak in hot water for a long time.

in daily life should pay attention to what matters?

1, adequate nutrition, to maintain a strong breast muscles, fat plump.

2, sitting is to maintain a beautiful posture, especially cannot shed the chest, chest, head, abdomen, should be straight knee.

3, according to their own situation with breast size fit bra. Not suitable for chemical fiber products, should choose soft, breathable performance of cotton products, and before sleep >

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