The website full of bitterness for three months at a monthly income of 5000

often go to A5 diving, see the articles written by everyone, learn what you do and stand experience. In the past, the old station couldn’t make much money, and now the income is good. Every month, there are altogether 5000. Although this income is not worth mentioning in the eyes of most stationmaster, but to me this gives up the job, the person that makes a station personally, still is good. And my previous job was only more than 2000 dollars a month, so relatively speaking, I was more satisfied. The most important thing is that before work to work for others, but also by the boss’s anger; now, good, free and easy, how to think of how.

actually, the pressure has been tremendous for the last three months. The first is from their parents, it is hard to imagine that I put so good work (my home in the rural areas of Northern Shaanxi, so more than 2000 of the wages for their ideas, is very rich but ran to tinker with what website), it is difficult to understand. My dad gave me a call I said "you this not filial son, is not in the job?" then came from my girlfriend.

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for almost three years. I haven’t saved any money yet. Her family is in a hurry. She’s always looking forward to buying a house and getting married. I feel guilty every time I see her calling me away from her family. My girlfriend and my relationship is very good, but her family wanted to let her marry a rich man to live a day, I also can understand. Who let my poor guy from the northwest end up with no money? Sometimes I tried to tell her, "let’s just break up, or else I don’t have a future.". She cried and cried in my arms, saying, "my man is not my money.". I was moved by a big man with tears in his eyes.

It’s not easy for

to quit his job. First of all, we are faced with the problem of space and domain names. My space is in Chinese time to buy, my domain name is registered in the name of. Add up to about 300 yuan, for me at the time, this is not a small sum of money. Then buy a program and start doing the station.

you don’t say, don’t do, do not know, do a really jump. Me too. I started to walk into A5 at this time and realize the friends in so many circles. Everyone’s feeling is the same as mine. It’s not easy to stand,


first, stand, you have to supply uncle Baidu.

, you know, the vast majority of the traffic on our Chinese Web site comes from Baidu. Baidu users in the past few years to train well, we as long as the Internet, almost from Baidu entry. "Use Baidu Search, You’ll see. almost notorious. So, the site must login Baidu.

after ten days of long wait, Baidu finally included! I think this can make money. Actually, that’s not the case at all. I learned someone to put a statistical code on my website, IP every day

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