Join the brand new desserts like puff food

food in order to establish a brand, time is very important, as long as your vitality is long enough, you will be able to start a protracted war, you will certainly be able to win the competition in the food and beverage, but afraid of your brand can not hold much longer. Because of the difficulty of building a new brand is too large, many entrepreneurs another way. Tend to choose a better food and beverage brands, through the form of join the food and beverage industry. Twelve Feng taste "to lead the new event, to create a new brand of food. However, choose to join the project or to choose a real delicacy of strength, to join the brand new food puff dessert, more innovative technology to subvert the traditional concept of pastry, looks attractive, easy to control become an independent school, the source, nature and easy money.

: looking into the eight party puff dessert Choi

puff new location is very flexible 3-5 square meters can be operated in a commercial street, walking street, around the square, residential areas, schools and other large population density areas can be successfully shop, greatly reduce the business customers in the store location problem. Sales is a variety of changes, whether it is the mouth shop, shop in stores or franchise stores, can bring you more sweet wealth.

Join the brand new

food puff dessert, awesome taste delicious nourishing beauty supreme enjoyment

"Puff Newspeak" in each puff features a single product, not only the appearance of creative, taste is to shake the soul and a long aftertaste. A bite of the skin, fresh crisp fragrant, stuffing silk smooth, hot cool wonderful experience on the tongue instantly burst, a consumer will repeat everyone.

Join the brand new

food puff dessert, secret recipe imcomparable craft

"Puff Newspeak" has always been to the trend of dessert for the project core, combined with multi process and technical force, all the exclusive ingredients, professional equipment by secret deployment, continue to develop more products taste, always leading the industry forward pace, continue to meet the young consumer demand of security, each store can lasting hot. "Puff talk by Qili group as long as 3 years of preparation and research, and a number of domestic top brand planning and design companies together to create a complete image. As the trend of dessert expert from the lively and concise theme colors, lively and lovely mascot, the trend of stunning appearance, delicate and pure wonderful taste and other strength are way ahead in the industry, the leading brand new Street Dessert natural fully deserve.

Join the brand new

food puff dessert, energy integration leisurely fine driven trend direction

Since the traditional

puff since entering the domestic, there has been a single type of taste, homogenization of product defects, "Puff puff Newspeak" subversion of the traditional concept of the production, the fresh fruit soluble, >

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