Shop business can not run too many sideline

Many investors think

shop business can attract more consumers, so shop products all kinds of series, rich, but not a clear consumption target, lead to sideline too much, the loss of fixed customers, want to let the fire red shop business, naturally it is difficult to do. So, if you want to set up shop, remember, can not run too many sideline.

there is a saying "can chew" shop too. A study of people’s preferences is very time-consuming, not here is not ready to look at other people’s shop doing fiery eye, also some of the same goods, or directly into someone else’s shop, let your customers have what shop. If you have any customers, you are faced with a problem, your shop can please all customers? As a result, none of the customers feel a sense of belonging, and no one is attached to your shop.

customers in a shop around the time and sales are proportional to, if there is no customer in the shop time, what else do you sell? Pink Girls adorn shop, the girl’s feet, let her go to the store. But "greedy" you, but also want to attract the eyes of the past children, and at the door hung up the child’s toys. The results of a bunch of children in front of the door blocked, chirp blocked the road, the girls do not want to be together with these small children choose things, and quickly leave the matter.

"I am love in front of that shop at the beginning, the girl’s special bags and accessories, decorated very warm, I’d love to go shopping, see if you can find their favorite things. However, the recent increase in the number of shops and health care products for the elderly, but also opened the old lecture, I do not know whether to go. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a part of the lecture."

"there is a beauty shop downstairs, have been very good, I have time to do a facial, can sleep at noon. Now become a weight loss house, so that every time I go to see a bunch of fat aerobics aerobics. The original can rest, now let me get upset, so, no longer go."

a lot of "sideline" is not suitable for the main project together to do. You have to accept some other customers, will be the original compression of the customer space, your original customers can accept it? This is a bit like eating "set up", once in a while, if the time is such, your customers will always be heart unhappy, slowly to come. You both did not please, get empty.

said that although we venture investment is to make money, there is a "greedy", but this "greed" can not be over, otherwise all the efforts can only be for naught. So, if you are now set up shop, you will run a lot of sideline it?

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