Poverty can start a business

some people will say that if you are a pauper, if you have no money you just have a cavity blood, you can not do business venture, this road is nothing to do with you, but today we will say a person, let him to prove that poor people can also start.

two seventy or eighty square meters of the dressing room, a warehouse, the shelves neatly stacked with a variety of steel. Another facade room is divided into three spaces, namely the warehouse, office and bedroom. Little space is arranged neatly and generous, this is Ding Junlin’s entrepreneurial base.

6 29, the author came to the city of Ma’anshan in Ding Junlin’s flying steel operating the Department of. No, no, no personal financial experience, from the first day to worry about the capital turnover, up to now the supply and sales stabilized, 23 year old Ding Junlin told his story……

"now the steel shop, I founded the Xu Kaifei partnership and University students." Ding Junlin said. Xu Kaifei, a classmate, had a steel business earlier. Ding Junlin and Xiao Xu in 2011 after graduating from University, from relatives and friends borrow all around 70 thousand yuan of money, rented a store, named "flying steel", start a business.

The shortage of funds,

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