Four kinds of health food health network female woman after spring will eat

walnut pine soup

walnut and pine nuts are female classic nourishing food, beauty and healthy chest, they are rich in vitamin E and zinc, helps to moisturize the skin, delay skin aging. They are protein, minerals, vitamin B content is also very rich, is a beauty, beauty salon. Production method is very simple, take some broth, add sugar and corn, simmer cooked, sprinkle with walnut and pine nuts can be eaten.

peanuts and black sesame seeds

peanut and black sesame is the preferred food of 30 year old female aging, this is mainly due to their rich in vitamin E, but also prevent the pigmentation in the skin, prevent the formation of pigmentation, the butterfly. Sesame seeds contain powerful anti-aging substance sesamolnourishingfood is an important nourishing food to prevent aging women, vitamin B content is also very rich, can promote the body’s synthesis and to The new supersedes the old. female hormone, and progesterone.

peanut sesame paste need to prepare peanuts, black sesame and salad oil. First of all, the peanut kernel with deep fried, fried black sesame seeds, and then put them together into the crushing machine, fully crushed into powder, into the sealed glass tank to save. When you want to eat, with a clean spoon into the bowl, add boiling water can be washed. Like to eat sweet, can add a little honey. Homemade peanut sesame paste than the outside to buy more natural, more healthy, the most suitable for breakfast or afternoon meal.


yam is a traditional Chinese medicine to supplement the virtual Jiapin, with spleen and kidney, the role of replenishing qi. Liver is rich in iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A and vitamin B, not only conducive to the synthesis of estrogen, or the blood of the preferred food. Asparagus is rich in dietary fiber, the beauty of vegetables. The combination of the three, and has nursed back to blood and improve the skin’s moisture and color effect.

prepared yam lettuce, chicken, salt, MSG, starch, soup. The yam lettuce peeled washed, cut into strips. Wash the chicken, sliced. The yam lettuce, chicken and other raw materials were used to boiling water boiled. Finally, in the pot put some edible oil, add appropriate amount of broth, seasoning in all raw materials, duplicating the number, thicken after edible.

soybean and green beans

beans and peas is not only rich in protein, lecithin, also contain phytoestrogens, the isoflavones can effectively improve the level of estrogen, thereby making womenmore youthful beauty, but also has the effect of isoflavones prevent osteoporosis. Many people only know that pig’s trotters is a beauty Jiapin, but do not know the wings also contains a lot of collagen, and the protein content is higher than that of soybean, green beans and pig’s trotters, it with food, to increase the elasticity of skin, nourish skin is very good.

materials needed: soybeans, green beans, chicken, salt, MSG, cooking wine, soup. First of all, soybean, green beans, chicken wings and other raw materials into the casserole, add appropriate amount of broth, simmer cooked, salt, MSG, cooking wine last season, will be "

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