t is easy to do business in this way (three)

business to pay attention to the following points:


blind herd investment

as South of Jiangsu general manager of the enterprise as a knitting enterprise benefit declining and care-laden, as the development direction and the direction of investment of the enterprises and hesitating, it has been suggested that now thermal underwear thermal underwear production normalizing, people are making money, so we also produce thermal underwear, be able to make money. "What dreamer awoke", the general manager of eyes suddenly a bright, immediately decided to invest in production of thermal underwear. Soon the products produced, but because the old styles, and no money advertising campaign and bookstalls. Products under the production line directly into the warehouse, into the warehouse can not become a deal in a few days. Even if the product is processed to 70 percent off, still no one wants to be treated as a product of 60 percent off. Want to spend all, limited funds to thermal underwear, the general manager had to scold the at a loss what to do every day. People, but will they scold a pour dog’s blood on no use. Doing business with stocks, like others to see Huan, think they can enter this field can be a big draw, in fact, only to find themselves in the wrong. Investors in the development of investment programs, completely ignoring their own conditions, only to blindly follow the trend, the Chinese business community has almost become a disease. Blind herd investment, easy to make investors lack estimates of investment risk, and thus are insufficient, once the problem is at a loss. In the face of market investors can not follow the trend, amidst the winds of change, but not blindly follow the trend; not to see someone in front, even if the project is not to make money, but to chouzhunshiji, one would be a quasi.

with short-term borrowing engage in investment in fixed assets

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