Nine most useful experience in personal investment

as the saying goes: standing on the shoulders of giants can see farther. So entrepreneurship is the case, for the first time entrepreneurs do not have entrepreneurial experience, to take a lot of detours. Today, the whole network Xiaobian to introduce some of the most useful in the process of starting the nine experience for everyone, I hope to help entrepreneurs.

Third: to understand the market, the hand on hand. You have to come to the edge of the edge, and sometimes business to talk about fate. Some unpopular goods over the village will not have the store. If you do not sell, you have to wait for a certain period of time, may affect your turnover.


seventh: business, don’t let the guests feel that you want to sell him something, then he will fall in your price. You should sum up a set of techniques that you express words showing me something that is popular, you just don’t do, I just put the things left to others, so as not to say I don’t keep promise". But don’t say it straight, make the guest feel like you’re lying. Guests will sell your goods immediately because of adverse psychology.

the eight: please buy for sell. Request good goods, cheap goods, in the purchase >

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