Small vision table for the store to win a higher popularity

if you want to let the shop has a higher popularity, this is not what you can do, you often need to take a certain strategy owner. That day, I passed the shop door, suddenly found in front of a child standing in the shop, he looked inside, and then kept his hand back and forth gestures, I feel do not understand. What on earth is the child doing? Is the dialogue with the people inside, but some do not like.

when it’s over, I’ve come to the kid. I found out that the glasses shop on the window attached to a visual chart, the child is there to test their vision. All of a sudden, I was moved by the glasses shop Love initiatives, I feel there is a warm flow in the heart. So, I put the name of the glasses shop to see a few more.


days, each time passed by, I would see a hand against an eye in the test in front of people standing in the shop, and the old man also Qucourenao, most of the time, they have lined up to see that they are very interested in the visual chart. Little by little, I found out that there were so many people in the shop with glasses.

was stimulated and influenced by him, and I think I should set up something in front of the supermarket, so that we can attract customers. I thought it would be nice to put an eye chart on the window, so I bought a chart with two dollars and put it on the window of my supermarket. This trick is really Ling, indeed attracted a lot of people.

because my supermarket is close to the school, there are a lot of students from here can not help but to test it, and sometimes, they help each other, pointing to a vision table, a measurement. What surprised me was that since I had my watch, I found that the students who came to my shop were much better than before. My small move really attracted a lot of customers, not only for my growth in popularity, but also won considerable economic income.

is just a little more than just a vision, but the effect is significant. The number of stores in the continuous increase in the sales of natural products are also growing rapidly, thus creating a higher income for the owner of the wealth. So, if you want to enhance the popularity of the store, combined with local demand, may wish to add a small vision table.

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