New rules for Entrepreneurship

today’s entrepreneurs pay more attention to innovation, because they deeply understand that the old rules have been unable to adapt to the new environment, in the face of the new market, there must be a new business rules. From hiring to time management, mail processing, fundraising, today’s entrepreneurs are leaving behind those past guidelines. More and more enterprises even break the core rules of the past – to do business with a good friend, and ultimately successful.

1. recruitment outside the industry

Hint founder and CEO  Kara  Goldin tells us that her trick is to always recruit outside the industry. "I’ve learned over the last 8 years that if your business is an industry innovator, you should never hire people in the industry. These people are often trained in a specific way within the industry. There is a form of thinking. Indeed, you should have a customer, marketing, and method of making the product face, but the non industry people often give many suggestions to see the create new styles, ignore a lot of opportunities for our industry. These abilities are lacking in many trained people".

2. schedule time for your team

Of  a  Kind co-founder Erica  Cerulo believes that time schedule has a critical impact on team effectiveness. In his team, we are almost all 10:30 began to work. In their team, almost every member of the team in the evening there are many activities, such as: dinner, party, drink, etc.. These arrangements will allow the team to have no time to take care of their own lives in the evening, such as: laundry, etc.. In this case, if employees arrive earlier in the office, they will be out of spirits for a day and feel they have a lot of things to deal with. After thinking, the founders decided to postpone working hours, and give them enough time to handle their own affairs.

3. do everything, even the most boring jobs

Swerve  Fitness chief operating officer Chelsea  Kocis is usually so motivating employees. Early in her career, she and her team tried to save every penny. They do all the work, including cleaning toilets. She said it helped a lot for their team. When employees see that everyone is working hard and doing nothing, they will be more involved in the work.

4. turn off all

"from the time you go out," Wicked  Good  Cupcake>

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