After the success of his return home to return home

a lot of people are afraid of business failure, but in fact many successful entrepreneurs have experienced several failures before success. Today, we will tell a business failure again after returning home grown up, the air hot start, eventually led the villagers to get rich entrepreneurial model.

1991, Yang Haiyun led the family 6 people south of Shenzhen, with the mechanization of trade business, in 1992 1993 on the right track, showing a good momentum of development, the company upgraded to dragon group company, engaged in machinery, food, coal and other industries. Since then, he founded the trade group company stronger and stronger, more and more prosperous.

2002 to 2004, due to political and international financial environment, Yang Haiyun’s large losses. In 2005, he raised money to restore the original company. 2007, in Shenzhen, Dayawan investment in real estate business, he took the initiative to develop shareholders, after 8 months, to discuss the success of energy-saving emission reduction projects, access to a substantial return. As of now, he has set up a Shenzhen maritime investment, Wuhan Taitong trade, Wuhan Shengxing three company, to become well-known entrepreneurs.