How to attract male customers

said Manicure, thought in many people’s minds may be countless beautiful women consumers nails, but in fact, Manicure stores to be not just women, as long as good at mining, men can also become Manicure stores customers. So, nail shop how to attract male customers? Let Xiaobian to explain the skill.

generally speaking, male customers will not be a regular in the nail shop, but why not let them become regulars? Nails do not do the style can also be done with the basic repair hand care oh! If you can seize this part of the market, nail shop to improve performance will be very simple thing! Here are some clever ways to attract the elusive male customers and keep them!

choose a more neutral scent

problem: female customers in the selection of nail shop consumption, the fragrance is one of the selection criteria, with the fragrance of the flower nail shop is more likely to attract them. For men, however, the smell is too strong for them to nail the nail shop as a place where women go.

change: they enjoy the fresh, clean, try to use the flavor of citrus, mint and other flavor, simple and subtle taste, is the man’s favorite.

beer and wine selection

change: nail shop for male customers free beer drinks? This seemingly whimsical idea has been realized in a salon in the United states. Although it is incredible, but you can not ignore the temptation of alcohol for male customers, especially in the summer, every man wants to sit in a cool place, enjoy the cold beer. But in the time to pay attention to the amount of control oh! For the sake of the guests, but also for the sake of cost ~~~

renamed the service items on the menu

: it’s hard to get a nail on a man, because it’s too feminine!

change: if you change the name a little bit, the nail into the hands of meridian massage, will be much better. If you want a male customer to enter the door, you need to start with the name of the service, change the name of the service, can help you make the service can also be used by men, and does not exclude!

cater to their specific needs

problem: for male customers, and not what a beautiful Manicure, instead of cleaning foot calluses, relieve rough foot pain will be more useful.

: ask your male friends, or employees, what services they want, then add it to the nail shop in the service menu >

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