How to open shop to open the shop to share the flow

for small entrepreneurs, open shop can be regarded as a way to make money. Are you going to open the shop? Perhaps you are asking, how to open the shop ah? Novice open shop need to pay attention to what problems? Let’s take a look.

log on Alipay’s website, registration of new users, according to the prompts I fill out the relevant factual information, registration is complete; Alipay login again, apply real name authentication in my account page, follow the prompts to complete my real data authentication successfully submitted; 1 to 2 working days to see Alipay log personal online banking remittance, if this is similar to 0.05 yuan   on – Alipay – Certified Digital Input – 0.05  on your Alipay mail – click activation system will automatically return to the Alipay page – successful activation! Taobao upload ten or more of the number of baby, you can free shop!


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