What are the causes of women leucorrhea female health network

it is very difficult for every woman to avoid all kinds of gynecological diseases in their lifetime, no matter whether these diseases are mild or severe, the harm to women is enormous. Leucorrhea can judge the health of women, and women leucorrhea, what are the factors? The following details, you must know.

women leucorrhea reason

chronic pelvic inflammatory disease can cause women leucorrhea too much. The symptoms of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, including excessive vaginal discharge, young women will appear more menstrual volume, abnormal menstruation, abdominal pain, etc.. Especially in patients with too tired, or after sexual life, as well as more obvious symptoms before and after menstruation, the whole people do not seem to have the spirit, often insomnia at night.

women leucorrhea too much, is likely to be caused by the pathogen infection. If a woman is careful not to use sanitary products after pollution, then the pathogens will be from the female vagina into the genital tract pathogens inside Lee, once in the female reproductive system, will soon lead to reproductive tract infection, thus increasing leucorrhea.

women suffering from cervical erosion, leucorrhea will increase. The injury caused by childbirth, changes in sex hormones, sexual behavior leading to cervicitis, etc., are the cause of cervical erosion. There are some women are more special, there is no reason to suffer from cervical erosion, this situation is congenital cervical erosion, will also lead to increased leucorrhea.

and Trichomonas infection, will not only cause women leucorrhea too much, but also emit odor and genital itching. Once the woman noticed a yellow or green yellow secretion underwear, taste weird, and often feel burning or itching of the vagina, that is the emergence of Trichomonas infection. Now, all female friends have a clear understanding of the reasons for excessive vaginal discharge of women. Abnormal vaginal discharge, a sudden increase in the volume, often imply that the body of gynecological diseases, so this situation must not be ignored, to be cured in time.

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