What are the names of the five major concerns

to a business from a suitable name, not only has the relevant methods can be mastered, but also more attention to our attention. So, what are the names of the attention? The following five points will cause your attention?

a, consider the future of the enterprise

enterprise name of childhood, but also about half, is reserved for pipeline for future stagnation. If the enterprise bigger and stronger in the future, in addition to want to expand the scope, a current name will follow? Many international enterprises are the rules, do not have enough place, once the enterprise to expand into new fields, but this is not amenable to consumers, rather than whining, baby 999, the moon god are the suffer. The brand name, it is like building a house cloth once if there is no reason at first walkie talkie, the pipeline cloth, forming the houses of the future, you have to open wiring, simultaneous not ugly, but also the formation of property damage.

two, say, good read, no awkward

brand name sounds, catchy, the customer is very simple to remember, words do not bother, well, darling, such as coconut is an example of ho. The Department of trendy, catchy name, can save a small amount of posters for the enterprise.

three, there is no creative simulation

simulation is a dead alley! We did not break the nerd exhortation not highly die without language Hugh, and today is the country scene imitation has reached the pole all over the mountains and plains, rampant fields. Such as a tasty Sprite, recently Guangdong Zhongshan was once available to Sprite, unless the package once difference, the other is the same.

into a filament, rejoice, Qingdao Qingdao wave into imitation Du honey honey. The market is China, there is the overseas brand, have some loopholes to the enterprise for simulation. This is the proposal of Chinese enterprises, the name is not to be like the whole people, to inconvenience will trouble.

four, English abbreviation, more harm than good

on the abbreviation of the English name of the form, the enterprise should not be too much use of English abbreviations, because there are only 26 kana, the name of the total social English tens of thousands. Today’s Chinese enterprises to prevent too much, of course, do not want to go to school imitation IBM, RCA, GE the name of the form, they are in the minds of consumers have changed a flow of abstract. Even if there is a short English, but also prepared a small amount of poster fees, to inform the user of what W E impatient person, or what is someone else, this communication is very simple, it is easy to make people confused.

five, global vision


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