How to make your breast firmer health network

chest massage from the bottom up, from inside to outside the breast to ascend, with both hands hands warm and appropriate power alternating back and forth shuangru massage for about 2 minutes, knead the nipple.

massage chest and neck to strengthen the "natural Bra" part, the massage extends to the upper part of the chest to the neck, massage is still up to the main massage, massage about 2 minutes.

compact muscular body straight, hands into "folded palm" left and right hand posture force pushing each other, breathing stops, pushed out, about 1 minutes, can make the chest and arm muscles become tight, eliminate excess fat under the arms on both sides and prevent "Furu". The body straight, mouth to exaggerate the "a" and "O" shape, back and forth for about 1 minutes, can be found by the lower jaw to the neck muscles taut, helps the skin and enhance the chest chest tight.

droop correction method

1, breast dermal fixation is a reliable method for the treatment of breast sagging.

2, breast lift fixation surgery is the removal of the breast on 1/4 skin, and then put on tight suture, fixed, in order to correct breast sagging, especially with satisfactory results for fusiform breast ptosis.

3, the expansion of the breast volume correction of breast ptosis surgery can correct both loose and can expand the volume of the breast, suitable for breast sagging and hope that the breast fullness.

to maintain a good mood bad mood will lead to increased levels of fat embolism, so women should maintain an optimistic attitude, reduce the intake of stimulating drinks, which is very beneficial to the health of the breast. Stimulating drinks such as wine, soft drinks, coffee and other women to try to drink less, otherwise your breast health will be threatened.

maintain normal weight obesity is a high risk factor for breast cancer, breast cancer patients from the point of view, most of them are obese, so female friends must learn to control their weight. Reduce high-fat, high calorie foods.

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