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breast cancer has increased in recent years, the incidence of high disease. The disease can be prevented and treated by massage. Today Xiaobian teach you massage method, as long as each time to take out half a minute massage, you can effectively prevent and cure breast hyperplasia, breast health care.

breast hyperplasia is a common disease in women, characterized by unilateral or bilateral breast pain and mass.

Chinese medicine believes that the disease caused emotional non-compliance, whole liver injury, thinking injured spleen, spleen, liver and kidney deficiency, Chongren imbalance. If you can adhere to massage every day, 2 ~ 3 months, you can improve the symptoms of breast hyperplasia.

will be left forearm abduction and the body was a line of expansion, with the right hand back and forth to knead the left side of the top of the milk, regardless of direction, about 5 minutes.

because this site includes stomach and red veins, and stomach on the "Wuyi" and "Yingchuang" acupuncture treatment of breast hyperplasia.

fingertip back cover the left ear, the left forearm forward with the body in a vertical state, with the right hand back and forth knead the left costal muscle, latissimus dorsi edge side projection direction regardless of intensity, as before, knead for about 5 minutes.

left hand is still left behind the left ear, the left forearm oblique to the body with a roughly 135 degree angle, with the right hand back and forth to knead the armpit protruding part of the direction, regardless of the intensity of the former. Knead for about 5 minutes.

left hand to finish, for, in the same step right again. The whole process down, about half an hour.

this set of action is simple, easy to master, not limited by time and space, can be done at any time. As long as every day, you can stay away from breast hyperplasia.

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