Entrepreneurs financing know-how to do these things must be done

for entrepreneurs, the pre financing is a big problem, many friends are worried about financing. In fact, the entrepreneur financing is a lot of skills, Xiao Bian today to share some of the financing skills, I hope to help entrepreneurs.

A, the founder must be full-time business. Work should be full time, why can not be full-time business (not full-time business on behalf of your lack of confidence in the project, investors will not be optimistic about oh)

Co founder of

two, must have common interests, not the pursuit of the common interests of the brotherhood, to the pursuit of the common interests of brotherhood

three, must answer "why am I doing this one"

four, "I don’t claim is the biggest advantage of resources, not with such a claim of cooperation (resources are often can be bought," consultant "is often ignored)


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