Joe Club crispy roast thirty thousand yuan to join a month back to Ben

now do catering, you need a good taste, but also the need for good marketing, the two are indispensable. Less than 20 square meters of shops, only about 6 employees, only to sell a product, in January there were more than $300 thousand revenue. Chengdu Tianfu Chunxi Road central area, from the famous "Wonton" headquarters to 50 meters, a company called "Joe Club crispy fire" shop in front of the crowded.



for home debt, 15 years of junior high school dropout 17 years to pay off the reselling of non-staple food, tens of thousands of foreign debts; claiming to be "the first eleven years of doing what made: three dollars a bowl of spicy one day to sell thousands of dollars, do Henan revenue second in the small town business Dicos, county leaders get open congee the first out of favor, Internet cafe chain. But in the "county outstanding youth" is made fully satisfied or contented, and Shi Yuzhu investment giant building the same "greedy rash" error, in order to county leaders "expectations", the hotel capital chain rupture, lose everything.

chose to fire, Wang Zhaozhong was inspired by McDonald’s.

China although the different regions have different eating habits, but don’t have the market generally accepted? McDonald’s and KFC with shops denied this view blossom everywhere. Hamburger is the different welcome, important reason is because of a variety of ingredients of bread sandwich filling, in which the delicious, taste signs around and constantly enrich the product line, which is convenient and fast, and can meet the different tastes of people demand.

can be what kind of snacks like hamburgers as convenient and fast and can meet the national taste, Wang Zhaozhong thought of the hometown special snack – fire. The fire can be understood as a pie, while maintaining the burning of the outer layer of the crisp, while the internal filling fillings can continue to enrich and expand.

"flesh of a donkey fire, spicy beef tripe, signs, fragrance broth…… >

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