China nail industry development trend forecast

China nail industry has experienced a period of rapid development is in a period of gentle development, bad nail brand is gradually eliminated by the market. Nail beauty and other industries, from luxury consumption into daily consumption, grasp this change, you can find the right path of development in the industry.

a trend, Manicure culture and consumer groups will rapidly expand

two trends, the development prospects of the industry will continue to expand the scale of Manicure, formed the industrial chain

with the domestic development of Manicure industry matures, Manicure production, Manicure market, Manicure joined, Manicure commerce, Manicure Manicure, media training, scientific research, Manicure Manicure activities and Manicure more relevant links and content, are to be incorporated into the Manicure industrial chain. Nail industry development scale will expand from the initial stage of market development, and gradually expand to the level of social impact and the level of human care. Highly dynamic fashion culture and fashion atmosphere, providing a broad industrial background for the development of nail industry.

three trends, brand operation and Manicure joining

will become the inevitable trend of long-term development of enterprises ManicureStatistics released by the Ministry of Commerce show that

, run an independent business owners the success rate is less than 20%, joined the chain run enterprises, the success rate is higher than 90%. Due to the small size of the individual shops, the operation is not standardized, can not meet the requirements of the industry, will gradually be branded, large-scale, professional large-scale nail enterprises in Dalian, to replace the franchise franchise model.

high profits for Manicure shop will become a strong entrepreneurial projects suitable for long-term development. The intention of entrepreneurs may wish to choose a nail chain brand to join in the help of a mature brand easier to carry out entrepreneurial activities.

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