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Hebei readers Ms. Cao asked: I am 50 years old, not menopause, body fat. Someone told me that late menopause is more likely to get breast cancer, may I ask why?

Xi’an Jiao Tong University School of medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of breast tumor surgery professor He Jianjun answer: this argument has some truth. The later menopause age, the greater the risk of breast cancer. 55 years after menopause more than 1 times higher than before the age of 45 postmenopausal breast cancer risk, menopausal age every 1 years later, the probability of breast cancer is increased by 3%.

In addition,

also increases the risk of illness, especially after menopause. Research shows that after menopause, if weight gain of 12 kg or more, the risk of breast cancer will increase 28%; high fat induced prolactin and estrogen ratio increased, these two hormones may be related to the occurrence of breast cancer.

With the increase of age, the incidence of breast cancer will increase

. About 67% of women diagnosed with breast cancer each year are over the age of 50, and about 50% are over the age of 40. In the 40 – to 49 year old age group, the prevalence rate of breast cancer was 1/68; the group aged from 50 to 59 reached 1/37.

breast cancer is also associated with the first menstrual period. The first menstrual period before the age of 11, the greater the risk of breast cancer.

suggested that every 1 years to half a year and a half, women over the age of 35 for a professional breast examination, women over the age of 40 on this basis should also receive a breast X-ray examination.

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