Do agricultural products sales to pay attention to what skills

agricultural products is everybody cannot do without, and is closely related with our life so obvious in the needs of the market; and the living level of Chinese gradually increased, the food quality requirements are increasingly high, in addition, Chinese and advocating Sibu, so, for green food, the growing demand of environmental protection food, health food is high. As long as the development of agricultural products to seize this point, then the prospects will be very broad.


1, is not easy to save, not easy to transport agricultural products. Basically there is no deep processed products, there is a fresh problem, once expired will become obsolete.

the seasonally strong, often for agricultural products, a season with another season to exchange a variety of products to a stable supply. But for some difficult to preserve the leafy vegetables is not to mention the


3, price fluctuations, the price really is sometimes difficult to stabilize agricultural products. Influenced by the weather, once the production changes, the market price will fluctuate, are often double the increase, if a sudden increase in prices, it is easy to cause customer dissatisfaction


4 loss, the problem is serious, if transportation, picking is doing well, so it is easy to produce loss, and once these aspects into the cost, so often offer to allow customers to accept.

5 low profit, high risk. For example, some time ago we transferred 15 tons of grapes to Nanning, according to the normal situation, within a day can be finished, however, the days Nanning waterlogging, not after three days, the loss of nearly 40 thousand, but in fact, we have 15 tons of grapes if normal sales, but also 8000 yuan is quite good



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