A woman from the A cup D cup secret health network

every woman wants to have a graceful figure, sexy Qiaotun, strong chest, but some women’s breasts like the airport, let people worry unceasingly, how to make bigger breasts? Don’t worry, today tell MM from A to D cup cup diet tips.

first: drink red dates tea

prepare some jujube, ginseng, safflower (a few) every day a cup of water, only water, not add sugar. Can adjust Qi and blood, through the meridians, menstruation will be smooth, but also to mention gas, that is, will not always feel tired, can not afford to fight.

second: during menstruation drink ginger jujube water

menstruation drink ginger red dates (with pot boiled water than the fridge, every morning to drink a cup of hot water) with hot ginger feet before going to bed at night, the menstrual period guarantee your blood out smoothly. I am now ruddy, even the nails are pink.

third: eating raw peanuts

buy raw peanuts (must be born, preferably when fresh, fried or salt? Do not eat fat), every 2 hours to eat 10–20, we eat, chew to very broken pieces of the pharynx, can add oil and vitamin B2.

eat the stomach feel uncomfortable, because the reaction to the red, you can peel off the red meat to eat, to ensure that the stomach will not be uncomfortable.

(internship editor: Chen Xuehong)

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