Eagle pecked pancake a western car into the world

what do you feel about western food? That is three words on the tall. And when it comes to snacks, we thought it was one of the characteristics of Chinese snacks, the kind of two or three dollars. Now let’s combine the two with one piece Nothing is impossible, there is such a form of snack car in the Chinese people’s daily lives.

Eagle pecked pancakes, a car as Western-style food into the world, where sales go everywhere, Italy delicious Western maddening wealth! "The shop that is Cu car, a car shop, car top shop like an eagle to peck new pancake joined the management idea, flow rule dominated the streets of downtown population, wealth. 17 series of 11 Italian pizza, baked rice and fruit Zhou pull Egg Tart series series, classic western food delicious, sweeping the streets of


Eagle pecked pancake joined dozens of punch carefully the whole pizza, such as chicken pizza, Italian pizza. The meat, a pizza, pizza, fresh crisp pork supreme pizza, pizza, sweet potato pancake pastoral Takahashi joined Venus Orlean love pizza, pizza, barbecue garden style, pastoral scenery Chou potatoes with Hagi SA seafood, pizza, pizza, shrimp Jin cluster group tropical seafood pizza, Korean barbecue pizza, tuna pizza, Hawaii style pizza, Italian pizza pizza Tuo Bacon car, with a unique taste, fashion Wind Eagle pecked pancakes with union, sought after by many Song.

Eagle pecked pancakes joined the research and development of a street car, completely reversed the traditional Chinese snack business model. The luxury Western-style food store to mobile business street delicacy, Eagle pecked pancake join, swept the world of delicious wealth, 000 yuan, Zhao ultra small group of investment potential, up to 70% of the profits, the eagle pecked pancakes to join Western-style food car swept gold


Eagle pecked join many varieties, complete pancakes taste, tens of meters away can smell the tantalizing aroma, which provides smells from. Small investment, high yield, one investment, permanent benefit. The eagle pecked pancakes into the Western diet culture essence, accurate grasp of market consumption trends, from the ruins in foreign advanced management mode, to create China characteristics Western-style food chain brand.

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