Do you know there are six nternet thinking lost

understanding of the Internet, everyone has their own point of view, but on the whole, digital is recognized by everyone. Under the premise of digital, now talk about big data, some people say that big data is fudge, nothing more than is to transform the past argument, this can be understood. In Chinese, a lot of people say the concept is not very clear, is borrowed, is an occasional thing.

we specifically, between traditional industry and business industry difference in what place? Just say, we have the traditional industry, our manufacturing industry is the traditional industries, some industries such as the Internet, said Ma engage, Ma Huateng, which is the electricity supplier industry, the difference in what place? What is the difference between each other?

system is what business? The market is constrained by the system, according to the external environment, is how you bear the provisions of the system to consider how to develop, which can be created, for example, the market decision. Market decisions, the past in the planned economy, we are strong

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