2014 college students need to be cautious in autumn

from the 2014 college students have a month’s time, there will be a group of people to enter the hall of the heart. Then this school season is coming, it was found that college students entrepreneurial opportunity has come, but you must know that you need to join the venture carefully.

catering Entrepreneurship

20 in his early years, Zhang Xiaofeng, Henan, Luoyang, graduated from Kaifeng University 1 years ago. In order to encourage students to start their own businesses, the school provides a convenient condition for graduates, such as discount store rent, management fees, etc..

Just graduated from

, Zhang Xiaofeng saw a "hot pepper taro" restaurant, find business opportunities, set up a franchise idea initiation. To this end, he came from Henan, Xianyang special "Pepper long" food and Beverage Co., ltd.. After that, he paid 20 thousand yuan to join the fee, full of joy he did not expect things to go wrong.

the company said this was "a misunderstanding"

"Pepper taro" catering Co. Ltd. commitment in the contract, they implement regional protection of the franchise, a radius of 500 meters only opened a franchise store. I applied at Kaifeng University, and they told me I could. Can wait for me to join the fees are paid, and found that there was a shop." Zhang Xiaofeng feel that the company violated the contract, the two sides conflict of interest.

things dragged on for nearly 1 years, Zhang Xiaofeng contacted a dozen times in the case of unsuccessful calls, he came to Xianyang city again.

the dispute is not resolved, there is still a problem in the use of

the contract signed for almost 1 years, store did not open up, how is my loss during this period?" Zhang Xiaofeng said, so they do not hurry to pay, now jiamengfei told him not to take each other, he felt that the company has "contract fraud". Whether or not to refund, or other handling, so far, Zhang Xiaofeng is still in negotiations and the company.

every year appear like Zhang Xiaofeng to join the dispute in the minority, how to reduce or even eliminate this phenomenon? It is necessary to improve the degree of discretion and investigation, before signing the contract, it is necessary to do a good job of field investigation and rigorous evaluation.

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