Advantages and disadvantages of scientific and technical personnel

China parts introduced relevant policies to encourage technical personnel undergo entrepreneurship, to play on the economy and the driving force of scientific and technological entrepreneurship. At the same time, but also can change the current entrepreneurial marketing light technology atmosphere, so that science and technology has become the source of development.

but I still want to say that, in the current environment and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial scientists should be encouraged. Look back at the current status of the mobile Internet business on the market is known. At present, the people behind the business, it is a large number of O2O business closures, such as food and beverage category of rice is a steel take off network, good mouth, etc., home improvement class 360, housekeeping, etc.. From the current point of view, 1 yuan car wash, $1 haircut and other concessions have also been accompanied by a large number of recommendations

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