The world’s ten largest car brand quality rankings

to raise the level of economy, more and more families to buy a car, a lot of people will consider when buying a car, one of which is the automobile brand quality, now the countries automobile brand automobile brand to good quality too many to count, let people lasting form below, will bring the world’s ten largest car brand rankings for quality everyone.

J.D.Power to a hundred car failure rate (Problems reported per 100 vehicles, referred to as PP100) as a scoring dimension, the lower the number of points on behalf of the better quality of the car. This makes the top 10, the United States Department of local brands reached 5, accounting for half of the country, including Ram and Lincoln of ninth, General Motors accounted for up to 3 seats. There are 4 Japanese brands, while Germany is only a Porsche.

PP100 100 car failure rate: 95

PP100 100 car failure rate: 97

PP100 100 car failure rate: 106



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