How to improve the whole of customer emotion.

shop operation, it seems that is not subject to control, but only the people who really do know, business is not simple, many shopkeepers in the course of the business will have a feeling of disgust. What happens if the workers go on strike? A lot of customers will see his wife all day upset, want to go out to work, I want to hire one or two people, she was tired, I want to score some goods, do more, she said you can not be dry; I want to get promotion, she said no, always to work, that is for the sake of my home simply, I hired someone else do it, but some people really do not worry, everyone out of ideas, we have to hire business? I walk the line?

the main symptoms of the direction of entrepreneurial passion gradually retreat

prescription main objectives of the same goal to promote the momentum of the complex as the former look at the future

direction is not a problem

climb to look eye

unified thought and wish

car does not stop from forward

see the above problems by counterparts, played this song to limerick. Problem representation is very clear, that is, the development process of the husband and wife store in the process of a problem, what the problem, which is the owner of the problem description, his wife appeared in the retail process of disgust mood. See the customer is confused in mind, see customers do not want to entertain, that’s a retail store, so every day around three feet of counter, turn to see the outside world does not say, but also every day to customers in order to fight petty profits.

customers to buy some small East West continue to bargain does not say, often say something very uncomfortable, blocking the heart of the language, and the customer quarrels, we have no quality, people will say we do not have the customer as God, not their quarrels, listening to upset, looking uncomfortable, what this time like the suffering of the day is the head ah, coupled with the current super downward leg, coupled with the surrounding counterparts to price soliciting, the profit space is getting smaller.

Now I look at

retail business, says big, say small, uncomfortable ah, do not earn much money, bullied a lot, look around relatives and neighbors, to go out to work, earn more than a factory just leisurely and carefree, or to a company or work or, much more comfortable than us, now you see the bricks and mud of the lowest construction team salary to laborer, every day tens of yuan.

I dropped so many money every day to earn a little money, remove the rent without fire, this business half-dead, close, shut the door, we go to do something else, make money not less than this, also do not have to cope with so many difficult customers, thinking, do not want to do, do not want to do big ideas so to the logical operation, want to close.

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