Cabbage hearts and dolls can not distinguish between the Xining industry and Commerce thorough inves

cabbage heart and doll like the shape of the business staff can not distinguish. 26 afternoon, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry Branch of the city branch of the market, the staff and workers of the Mo Street industrial and commercial street in the market to check the true and false doll.

for the Xining market, some of the Chinese cabbage cabbage dish as a food selling event, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce Bureau of the city branch of the market and the Department of Commerce and industry, Mo street, check the Mo street market. Marked "Dian Xing" "farming" and other brands of baby stalls are sold either, of which there are 3 food providers simply put a small head, no packaging of Chinese cabbage as baby food to sell 2.5 yuan a pound. "Some people think of it as a dish, and some people think of it as a Chinese cabbage." A young man said with a smile. In the other two stalls, two are selling women said: "this is not the packaging of Chinese cabbage cabbage."

for a long time in the Mo street market selling vegetables vegetable traders told reporters last July and October, he was in the Sea Lake Road vegetable wholesale market have seen caifan shipped from Lanzhou Chinese cabbage has the "cloak", and then into the packaging bag as baby food packaging bag, because the subject is baby food, people can not distinguish it as if they were baby food.

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Sea Lake Road Industrial and commercial staff also timely inspection of Sea Lake Road vegetable market, although the vegetable distribution shop owner that their store no fake, but agreed that the situation must be posing as baby food. Industrial and commercial staff will be a store of bulk baby dishes sent to the Xining Institute of vegetable science, concluded that this dish is a baby food, but not in Yunnan. As a result of a variety of baby dishes, and thus difficult to distinguish between, and baby food in some areas of our province have grown.

Hualian Supermarket garden shop vegetable area container, baby food is also impressively, responsible person told the reporter, because they do not have to distinguish between true and false baby food knowledge, the supplier said this dish from Kunming, as a precaution, requires the supplier to provide delivery and product traceability bill, but has yet to product traceability bill. Supermarket side said they would temporarily put this dish under the shelf, if confirmed to be Chinese cabbage, the supermarket will not let it shelves.

City District Trade and Industry Bureau of law enforcement officials said it would require all supermarkets within the jurisdiction of the suspect will be suspected doll dish shelf, waiting for test results.


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