Qinghai film and television industry, by boat to the sea

8 10 September, the provincial radio and Television Bureau, Qinghai radio and television Beijing jetsen video Polytron Technologies Inc signed a cooperation agreement. This is the province’s film and television industry, by boat to the sea, in order to speed up the province’s excellent film and television script to enter the country to achieve a more extensive exchanges, promote the film and television drama shooting provides a good channel and platform.

Qinghai is a rich and colorful national culture heritage, rich area, spirit, the spirit of the Qaidam Qinghai Tibet highway reconstruction of Yushu spirit for casting the spirit of Qinghai heights to lay a solid foundation, enrich the content; Qinghai mountains and magnificent natural scenery and cultural landscape, provide an important material for the movie. In recent years, the province’s local film and television creation into the active period, the province’s film and television theme collection to the more than and 150 outstanding film and television script, Qinghai local film and television drama in the domestic and international awards also get excellent results. The first half of this year, the movie "eighty thousand" in the "white yak" respectively participated in the sixth Beijing International Film national film exhibition, Shanghai International Film Festival, the film "night in Delingha" won the best film music awards in the United States at the thirteenth Losangeles World Film Festival, the film "forever green hijab" will be in theaters nationwide recently.

signing ceremony, Beijing province and Qinghai province jetsen Polytron Technologies Inc signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the development of film and television drama as a gift and program trade cooperation agreements and TV investment cooperation agreement of intent on shooting, help Qinghai film industry going out to achieve in-depth, multi field cooperation.


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