Care for children left behind pilot project flower chase

days ago, Datong "fairy tale love bags" and "donation, fairy tales, fairy tales series painting fairy tale" reading activities held in to the center of the school, marking the central government funds to support social organizations to participate in social services — "love left-behind children pilot project in Datong County officially started to implement.

it is understood that the care of children left behind pilot project by the Chinese care for the next generation of Working Committee organized, designed to convey positive energy society, and constantly improve the attention of the whole society on the left behind children. In the "fairy tale" as the starting point, "the fairy tale love gift bag" to carry out "pupils, fairy tales, fairy tales, fairy painting" theme activities, provides a good learning and communication with the outside world and opportunities for left-behind children, promote the healthy development of children left behind. The project covers four provinces of Anhui, Sichuan, Qinghai and.

day, Datong County Commission for the next generation of concern to the center of the school’s 100 left-behind children issued colored pencils, crayons, and picture book bags and other learning activities, but also to the guests left-behind children tell interesting stories, and issued the pictures with crayons, drawing up their hearts story. (author: Liu Guiying)

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