Hao Peng in the province to promote the integration of decentralization and decentralization of the

5 18, the provincial government held a meeting to promote the decentralization of decentralization and optimize the service reform video conference. Hao Peng at the meeting stressed the need to unify thinking and action to the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s requirements and arrangements, to deepen the reform, management, service "as an important measure to promote the supply side structural reform, further intensify reform, to" put "effect continue to appear," pipe "system continues to improve," the service system and gradually improve, promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation to facilitate more fair market environment, promote new economy, accelerate the development of new energy, to transform and upgrade traditional industries, strong support for the stable and healthy development of economic society.

Hao Peng pointed out that the party’s eighteen years, our province in accordance with the national deployment, based on the actual situation in the province, seize the "put the tube, take" reform this pivotal, co-ordination to promote the reform of the administrative examination and approval, the investment field of commercial systems and other key and key links, the business environment improved significantly, the market access more convenient the main body of the market, operating costs decreased significantly, innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples become a new pattern of industry, the emergence of a large number of new formats. But we should also see that there is a certain gap between the progress of reform and the expectations of the people, to further study the countermeasures to develop effective measures to focus on solving.

Hao Peng stressed that deepening the release, management, service reform is an important measure to promote the structural reform of the supply side, the steady growth of structural adjustment benefit people’s livelihood has an important role in promoting. All localities and departments should focus on to build Qinghai into the national administrative approval at least, approval of the highest efficiency and innovation environment the best one of the provinces of the target, continue to increase efforts to promote more extensive and deeper level ", put the tube service reform. In order to enhance coordination of decentralization, deepen the commercial system, financing system reform, and then cut a batch of provincial administrative approval, and then canceled a number of government pricing management service fees, the full completion of the city state, county administrative service center construction and the "two" list of published work. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the matter in the post regulation, innovation and regulation, the establishment of a joint incentive and punishment mechanism, and vigorously promote information disclosure, so that the power in the sun, protect the people’s right to know, the right of participation, right of supervision. In order to enhance the convenience of service optimization, and actively implement the "Internet plus government services, establish online approval mechanism through vertical and horizontal Unicom, covering the whole province and the sharing of information, enhance the efficiency of the administrative examination and approval, the" double "to improve service efficiency, optimize the administrative environment, stimulating market vitality and creativity.

Hao Peng stressed that "put the tube, take" reform is a systematic project to promote the transformation of government functions, departments at all levels should strengthen organizational leadership, clear objectives and tasks, focusing on coordination, strengthen the responsibility to implement and promote innovation mechanism, strengthen supervision and inspection, to ensure that the reform of responsibility and measures are in place, put in place.

Zhang Jianmin presided over the meeting, Yan Jinhai, Kuang Chung, and so on, and so on, and attended the meeting, attended by the president of the people’s Republic of China, and in the meeting of the president of the people’s Republic of china.

Departments and regions in

Province Office, Xining city is mainly responsible for people to speak at the meeting.


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