Xining City Public Security Bureau to take six measures to implement the decisive battle net action

in October 17, 2011, the Ministry of public security held a "battle of the national public security organs clear network action television and telephone conference hall meeting venue, the municipal public security bureau Party Committee immediately convened a special meeting to study the deployment of the decisive battle" Qing nets action ", the rapid implementation of the spirit of vice governor Liu Jinguo and Vice Foreign Minister He Ting’s speech, decided to take six effective measures. Strong tackling, to ensure that in December 20th before the completion of the online fugitives decline rate of 50% of the target task.

six measures: is a rapid deployment to implement the spirit of the meeting. held the city’s public security organs mobilization meeting, signed letters of responsibility, implement the spirit of vice governor Liu Jinguo and Vice Foreign Minister He Ting’s speech, to ensure to complete before the end of calendar year online fugitives decline rate of over 50% of the target task. two is a member of the party committees at all levels to take the lead quickly to carry out the work. Municipal Bureau of Party members to guide the joint point units, re mobilization and re deployment, the overall promotion of net action. Each sub County Bureau, detachment team members subcontract case, take the lead in doing the work to persuade people to personally participate in the development of the arrest program, the deployment of project pursuit. three is a rapid arrest in the murder of fugitives. murder fugitive must be "four", which is a large file, a plan, a chase case of leadership, a hunt group, determined to overcome the difficulties in the near future, to recover a number of murder fugitive. four is the rapid development of publicity programs. recently held a press conference, contact the television again scrolling Public Security jointly issued the "on the urge fugitives surrender notice", and in the market, the station high streets and back lanes widely posted "notice", to create a strong public opinion offensive and publicity atmosphere. five is plus awards punishment. on the local or remote Internet Internet fugitive arrested fugitives are rewarded, encouraging to finish the task ahead of time, captured the murder fugitive to be rewarded, morale, motivation of the mind of the police; backward units and victories zero division team organization reviews to help analyse the reason of finding out, catch up, at the end of the year to finish the task, to cancel the annual Pingxianpingyou qualification unit, the year-end assessment of this work as a major deduction items deduct the score, leaders admonishing conversation, write a profound examination to the Council of the party committees, and instructed the next year to continue to carry out clear network action until the completion of the task. six is to increase the intensity of supervision and accountability. inspectors departments at all levels to increase the intensity of supervision, the work ahead of time to be encouraged and praised, the unit does not push behind the work of criticism. It is strictly forbidden to false results, no fraud, and offenders in accordance with the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau online pursuit special inspector net action reward and punishment measures to be dealt with severely




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