Six major economic construction help happy Xining

from January 17th to 18, Xining city municipal Party committee held thirteen plenary meeting of the twelve session of the economic and social development in Xining this year, the target is to optimize the structure, improve the quality and efficiency, from the steady growth of the city’s economy will see the effectiveness, expanding domestic demand to promote investment, and promote structural adjustment and transformation, the heavy Yan governance six aspects such as the construction of happy Xining.

expand domestic demand to promote investment in a number of key projects will start construction

effectively increase investment in infrastructure, structural adjustment, livelihood security and basic public services and other areas, do a good job in the city’s 146 key projects, the total investment in fixed assets increased by more than 10%. Pay close attention to key areas of investment, expand private investment, strengthen the protection of elements.

around the promotion of services, information, green and other six areas of consumption, and vigorously develop new products, new services and new models to upgrade the industrial upgrading of consumption, the annual total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by 11%. Around the Silk Road to build the economic zone with the characteristics of tourism city, the western region of China’s regional tourism distribution center and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau international tourism service base objectives, enhance the city’s tourism based services and tourist reception capacity.

focus on the expansion and construction of a number of rural pension service facilities.

structural adjustment to promote the transformation of sustainable development of new momentum

industry: excellent stock, to promote the traditional energy boosting synergism; incremental expansion, efforts to foster the development of new energy; enhance the vitality, strengthen the cultivation of market subject; boost engine, fully support the development of the park.

Agriculture: speed up agricultural modernization; strengthen capital operation.

services: to accelerate the development of modern service industry as a strategic fulcrum of economic transformation and upgrading to promote productive service industry more efficient and promote the convenience of life service industry.

environmental governance out of the punches to maintain more than 75% fine days

construction of city ecological barrier a core two screen three corridor "," North "Shelterbelt, North and South Mountain phase three afforestation and south ring highway landscape greening projects, to create a national ecological garden city, bid Chinese (Xining) Garden Expo, declaration of national ecological park of Xining city.

continued to increase air pollution control efforts to strengthen the Industrial Park corporate pollution control, and vigorously promote the comprehensive management of industrial air pollution projects. The strict control of waste operations, road dust, bare to dust pollution, to complete the 5000 yellow car out and 119 tons of steam coal-fired boilers transformation tasks, ensure that the air quality rate remained above 75%, low carbon green development.

livelihood security and then upgrade to respond to the masses look forward to

this year to ensure that 80 villages throughout the village out of poverty, the 26 thousand people out of poverty in advance.

focus on entrepreneurship to promote employment: to ensure that the employment rate of college graduates registered no less than 87%.

tries to increase the income of urban and rural residents.

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