The new bus station to the end of May next year, put into use

Xining passenger transport center of public concern in the station has been completed before the main cap, how the car terminal station construction progress after the cap? When will we be able to formally complete the meeting with the public? With these issues of public concern, the reporter in July 7th from the Provincial Transportation Bureau Planning Department was informed that the current Xining car passenger station construction progress smoothly, is expected by the end of October, the passenger transportation center station will have basic station service function.

according to the project of Xining automobile passenger transportation center station of the person in charge, the main cap Xining passenger bus center station, the construction personnel stepped up the installation of masonry engineering and internal pipeline schedule, the masonry has been completed 1/3 workload, pipelines are being installed. Is expected by the end of October, the station has basic service function, and achieve the preliminary organizational acceptance conditions; the end of May next year, for the Xining passenger bus center station reached the pre acceptance conditions, and use of  

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