To participate in and support the creation of the city of Xining will be included in the assessment

Currently, the city of Xining actively into the 2012 annual national urban civilization index assessment work. In September 1st, the provincial organs, provincial civilization, construction of spiritual civilization, to the office of the steering committee of the provincial ministries, provincial organs and units, the central unit in Qingdao, the central and provincial enterprises, large and medium-sized financial institutions, all universities and colleges in Xining area, window industry units, National and provincial civilized unit issued a notice to the various units to support and participate in the city of Xining to create a national civilized city work.

2014, Xining will officially declare the national civilized city. In mid August this year, in September, Xining will meet the national urban civilization index assessment and the National Youth Ideological and moral work of the year. Xining city as a national civilized city nominated qualifications, this assessment is an important review of the work of the city of three years of work, for the realization of the goal of creating a city of critical, decisive significance.

notice requirements, the various units to support and cooperate with the Xining City, in the work to create a national civilized city, strengthen provincial coordination linkage, in accordance with the national civilized city standard requirements, carry out extensive public order and environmental remediation activities. Unit of provincial organs, provincial civilization office and will be ready for the provincial units and the central unit in Qingdao to participate in support of Xining city a city to conduct supervision and inspection, and the relevant departments of Xining city to establish the information feedback system of a city work is not positive, do not cooperate, work behind the unit briefing. Will continue to participate in and support the Xining municipal units into a city’s civilization work units at all levels selection examination condition, obtain the civilized units Honor at all levels of departments should give full play to hit the city of Xining city to set an example in the work and take the lead role. (author: Wu Yachun)


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