Municipal government held a special meeting on the work of lake fish cultivation

Municipal government held a special meeting on the work of lake fish cultivation


municipal government held a special meeting of the lake fish cultivation work


to earnestly implement the "implementation" the relevant provisions of the People’s Republic of China fishery law "approach" and "Qinghai Lake basin environmental protection regulations" in Qinghai Province, the municipal government held on January 10, 2012 in Xining City sealed sterile lake fish work conference. Zhou Renyi, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, municipal agriculture and animal husbandry and poverty alleviation bureau director Wang Weihua, four district leaders in charge of the county, agriculture and animal husbandry secretary attended the meeting, the meeting chaired by the Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, comrade.

, fishery management station Comrade Zhang Chengtu first reported in 2011 in the city of sealing the lake fish breeding work, the city sealed sterile Lake deputy head of the leading group director, fish farming and poverty alleviation and development bureau Comrade Wang Weihua read "Xining sealed sterile lake fish special rectification action"; three, county public security supervisor urban management, industry and commerce, the propaganda department and the four district leadership action plan published opinions. Finally, the city sealed sterile lake fish, head of special rectification action leading group of municipal government deputy secretary-general Comrade Zhou Renyi put forward the requirements for each action unit, one is to further raise awareness, to fully understand the importance, the necessity of lake fish breeding; the two is to focus, and resolutely curb the focus on regional and individual sales center sell Huang fish behavior; three is the law enforcement departments should strengthen the sense of responsibility and sense of mission, responsibility, do their job; with the formation of law enforcement efforts, and to establish long-term mechanism; four is to further step up publicity efforts to publicize the importance and urgency of special rectification, to create a good working atmosphere, get the support from the whole society; the five is to require all units in action to carry out remediation activities, should actively cooperate to strengthen the organization and discipline, strictly enforce the law and obey the arrangement and command, All districts and counties in accordance with the unified requirements of the leading group to work closely with the formation of city, District, county linkage action.




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