Xining Seismological Bureau to commemorate the 7.28 Tangshan earthquake campaign

in order to further improve the public awareness of earthquake disaster reduction, according to the Seismological Bureau of Qinghai Province, Qinghai Provincial Department of Education jointly issued "on the anniversary of Tangshan earthquake earthquake disaster mitigation science education work notice" requirement, I Bureau jointly Datong earthquake office in Datong County, Jingning square held a large-scale promotional activities to commemorate the 7.28 Tangshan earthquake "the theme of the.
the event to release albums and propaganda of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction information provided on-site consultation, exhibition panels for the masses and other forms of publicity, welcomed by the masses. The activities of the CPC on display boards of more than 30 pieces, including the knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction and seismic characteristics, first aid knowledge, show more than 10 hanging banners, issued the "earthquake to do", "4.14 Yushu earthquake does not fall, Qinghai Changqing knowledge of popular science knowledge, more than 400 copies of promotional materials, and to provide on-site consulting hundreds of passengers.


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