Xining Bureau of land and resources to actively promote the work of land law enforcement supervision

to strengthen the land law enforcement supervision, to ensure that violations of land and resources have been effectively curbed, from the source recently, Xining Municipal Bureau of land and resources to take "three" measures to promote land law enforcement supervision to develop in depth.

these three measures is to report to the municipal government to coordinate the county, District People’s government to restore grassroots township (town) do a land management functions. Is mainly to the area of land and mineral resources dynamic inspections, timely check and report violations, coordinate land petition cases investigation and land disputes, assist the departments of land and resources to do publicity of laws and regulations and geological disaster prevention etc.. Secondly, the establishment of village land and resources monitoring information. In each village to determine a earn (and) the work of land and resources monitoring information, and into the general management of land and resources. Third, smooth petition channels, consciously accept the supervision of the community. For the convenience of the masses, as far as possible to report the masses, letters and visits reflect land disputes, illegal occupation of land, illegal mining and other issues at the grassroots level, in the bud. At the same time, the three county land and Resources Bureau through the Internet, local television stations and other channels, to the public to set up a new set of land violations supervision and reporting telephone and e-mail.

Huangzhong County Land Resources Bureau report telephone (2232175), e-mail ([email protected]


Huangyuan County Land Resources Bureau report telephone (2432997)

Datong County Land and Resources Bureau illegal reporting telephone (2722646)


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