Xining Cuisine the face of a city

Xining is a bright pearl on the Tibetan Plateau; Xining, Hehuang Valley City in the gathering of talents. Living in such an ancient and young plateau city, people feel very comfortable. The first of the city on the Tibetan Plateau, as quietly flowing through the Huangshui River, no loud to her quiet life, but also for the local residents and guests always on the move show her charm, dedication with years of brewing, delicacy…… Unconsciously, the local people in the nourishment of Xining cuisine, accustomed to the attachment of Xining, and outsiders are from the Xining cuisine, the city, remember the city…… Xining, the nation will bring different food culture to be integrated, so that the table becomes very colorful. Here, you can see the familiar dishes and eating, but compared with previous experience, you can always find a difference. Many people never thought, Xining snacks actually have such a big temptation!

Shouzhua mutton delicious

in Xining, the guests came, the first appearance is hand grasping mutton. Located in the urban area of the Muslim time-honored "small door", "Ma Zhong restaurant", "thirteen", "Sha Lihai" and other dozens of halal restaurants, you can eat the local food. Mutton is the basis of Qinghai cuisine. Qinghai people say, Qinghai sheep eat Chinese herbal medicine, drink mineral water, take the sunshine road." Qinghai prairie lush, mountain snow melt, the formation of rivers, superior breeding sheep, wow, here the lamb, quality excellent, needless to say. Shouzhua mutton cooking retains its original flavor: the fresh lamb into the pot boiled, sometimes only put some pepper, ginger seasoning; sometimes what does not put the lamb stew to seven or eight ripe to remove food. The owner put reeky installed in the delicate mutton platter, the rim placed about 15 cm long knife flesh. This knife is full of national characteristics, handle mosaic decorated with patterns, with a knife cut off a piece of meat, edible salt and pepper dip. The hand grabbing mutton is closely related to the nomadic life of the Tibetan people. Because when eating meat, one hand with a knife, after cutting, tick, film, etc., to eat the meat on the bones of the sheep net named. Shouzhua mutton is a famous traditional Xining snacks, sold in the past due to many street stalls, food has always been to hand, has no direct hand to eat, but the "catch" the word is still in use today. Shouzhua mutton is the pastoral people entertain guests food, but also an indispensable staple of daily life. The first time to eat mutton, there will be close to the original sense of taste, after many times, then eat more greedy, make people unforgettable. Hand grip is a unique charm of the Qinghai plateau to eat, in the country also has a reputation. Summer to early winter is the golden season of Qinghai plateau grass sheep manure, is also a good time to eat the most fresh delicious Shouzhua mutton. At this time, if the guest came, after drinking tea, the hospitality of the shepherds went to pick out the flock Biaofei meat tender big local slaughter, wether; peeling wok, just some time, a large reeky Shouzhua mutton on the side in front of you. People from Xining;

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