National unity a pro – Qinghai National College Students’ knowledge contest held

4 month 29 days, in order to further strengthen the college students’ Party’s national theory, national policy and the basic knowledge of national learning in the university campus to create "various ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development" harmonious atmosphere, by the provincial Party committee, provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial United Front Work Department, the Provincial Education Committee, the provincial civilization office, province the education department, the Provincial Federation jointly organized the commemoration of the 97 anniversary of the May 4th Movement and fifth college students in Qinghai province science and technology culture and Arts Festival series of activities of the "national unity yiguqin" national knowledge contest of College students in Qinghai Province, in the province launched the final health of Career Technical College.


knowledge contest, carried out since April 22nd after the preliminaries, semi-finals of the University College of Qinghai Normal University, the layers of selection, and ultimately from the 24 players of Qinghai University, Qinghai Architectural Vocational and Technical College, Qinghai Nationalities University, Qinghai Institute of Police Officers, Qinghai Communications Technical College, Career Technical College, Qingdao Health College, Qinghai animal husbandry and veterinary 8 universities to enter the finals.

activities, participants around the "national regional autonomy law" and the party’s national theory, national policy and the basic knowledge of the nation, and so on. Integral the tournament is divided into bidati, grab answer audience questions to determine the problem, the risk problem of five links, the final Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai Nationalities University, Qinghai University were awarded the one or two, third-prize, Qingdao Health College won the outstanding organization award. Nearly 600 teachers and students of the province’s colleges and universities to watch the knowledge contest in 8.


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