East to carry out the four winds special rectification activities

According to the East District to deepen the four winds outstanding issues special rectification work program, the district focused on the implementation of the actual work to increase the intensity of rectification, and achieved positive results. The style of writing will be improved and the efficiency will be greatly improved. It is clear that the meeting will not be scheduled every Friday. Regional special meeting will not exceed half a day, general meeting no more than 2 hours. In principle, each subject is not more than 8 minutes per person, usually not more than 5 minutes to speak. On the number of generic documents made clear that all kinds of briefing compression submitted range. Up to now, the district government to streamline all types of documents 142, down 25%, streamline the meeting of the year, down by 43%. At key nodes, Hensha extravagant wind. Strict control of public expenditure, simplify official reception, curb public funds, public reception meals are all in the canteen. Up to now, travel expenses fell 44%, entertainment fell by 83%, official car costs fell by 21%. To carry out a thorough investigation, strengthen the dynamic supervision. 3 unannounced visits to the region’s 45 units to conduct a comprehensive supervision and inspection. As of now, to carry out a thorough investigation of more than 50 times, focusing on more than 20 times, the rectification of the problem more than 30. Serious financial discipline, deepen special rectification. Based on the 78 budget units of self-examination on the 2013 annual financial discipline implementation, 40 of the region’s budget unit financial discipline implementation, public consumption and three funding situation were the focus of inspection. Standardize the project process, the implementation of livelihood projects. The project of the project, bidding and other personnel to supervise the inspection of key projects, and resolutely investigate and deal with the first batch is not approved, super scale, super budget and other violations of discipline. Up to now, the region’s 5 major categories established early in the year of the livelihood of the people of the project to do practical projects have been completed in the 5, the remaining projects are actively promoting the. Strict examination and approval procedures, the implementation of sunshine subsistence. On investigating human security, the relationship between Paul "case, rural residents in the audit approval, and resolutely correct and prevent without investigation into the family economic status guaranteeing practices, effectively curb wrong security issues.  

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