Municipal leaders to urge rural highway construction project

3 29, the municipal Party committee, United Front Work Department Liu Fade to Datong County and rural highway project supervision and research, Xining city traffic bureau, director of the investigation accompanied by Ma Haizhou.

minister Liu Fade came to Huang Jia Zhai Zhen Dong Liu Zhao Datong County – mill rural highway construction sites and road Dong Xia Zhen Guanghui Temple site, listened to reports on the construction of highway project, and aiming at the impact of highway engineering construction schedule, design and construction defects and specific problems, put forward specific requirements: one is the city traffic the bureau should strengthen project management, according to the actual construction of the adjustment construction plan, and organize Dong Liu Zhao – mill 2 construction units as soon as possible recovery approach construction; two is the emergence of land acquisition problems in the construction of the project, by Huang Zhaizhen Datong county government is responsible for the overall solution, not because of land acquisition problems affect the progress of the project, and to actively cooperate with the to solve the engineering in the construction of other issues; three is the requirement of Datong County Highway rural highway maintenance to do publicity and education work, improve the road Management and maintenance measures to ensure the integrity of the road and traffic capacity; four is to attach great importance to the temple road construction planning, the implementation of national and religious policies to facilitate the religious people travel.

according to the leadership of the municipal Party committee, Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation is in the field of arrangements, clear work standards and deadlines and requirements of construction management department, especially the project on behalf of the owners should take the initiative to coordinate work, create conditions for the construction of the construction unit, the main action to overcome the difficulties, seize the implementation of the rectification, the Datong County east Liu to Zhao Jiamo in the construction of rural highway project as soon as possible to return to work.


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