Hao Peng in front of the teacher education research and visit condolences to front-line teachers

9 month 9 days, the thirty-second teachers’ day, governor Hao Peng came to Qinghai in Sanjiang province and Xining City, the first source of national secondary occupation technical school, visit condolences teachers, understand the school situation, education research, greetings and good wishes to the educators, hope they remember our mission, dedication, SHUTER Education, efforts to build a beautiful rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai to cultivate more qualified talents.

autumn sun, warm, Qinghai Province, Sanjiang source of national middle school new campus has just put into use early this month, dressed in camouflage uniforms, freshmen are military training. Hao Peng has entered the teaching building, dormitory, canteen, carefully study and living conditions, ask the school construction, move, equipment and so on, I learned that the school for Tibetan province enrolled 800 junior and senior high school students have been enrolled in the new campus happy, Hao Peng is very happy. Hao Peng sent flowers to the teachers, on behalf of the provincial government to express their greetings to the festival. He said, in the development of key talent, in fundamental education, ultimately depends on the teacher, I hope everyone to have ideals and beliefs, there are moral, have a solid knowledge and caring heart of the "four good teacher", shoulder the glorious mission of teaching. Hao Peng pointed out that we should give priority to the development of education in a strategic position, promote educational equity, improve the quality of education, and strive to do a good job of people’s education. He told the person in charge of the school, to rely on the advantages of the provincial capital, with first-class concept, first-class management, first-class style of study, first-class quality, and strive to build a national middle school in Sanjiang province national education demonstration school.

Xining vocational and technical school of the first tourism professional training building, pre-school professional training building, the teachers teach carefully, the students do seriously. Hao Peng with great interest to visit the training of students, a detailed understanding of the characteristics of professional settings, such as employment and entrepreneurship. Hao Peng pointed out that the development of occupation education, for the further implementation of innovation driven development strategy, create greater talent bonus, stimulate the public activity of entrepreneurial innovation peoples, has important significance to improve the educational mechanism, government guidance, industry guidance, enterprises and social forces to participate in the construction, to adapt to the development needs and production of modern occupation education system to teach the depth of integration, Vocational Vocational convergence, occupation education and general education communication. He hopes to school construction professional precision docking market, service enterprises, curriculum construction to integrate into the post standard, pay attention to the cultivation of occupation ability, we should actively explore the "Alternation", school enterprise co education mode for the economic and social development in our province more people to cultivate practical technology.

Gao Hua together condolences.


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