The third Three North fishery science and Technology Cooperation Association forum held in Xining

from June 23rd to 25, sponsored by the Heilongjiang Institute of fisheries, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Qinghai fisheries environmental monitoring station hosted the third session of the three North Fisheries Science and Technology Cooperation Forum held in Xining. Nearly 50 experts from the northeast, North and northwest provinces and provincial fisheries research institutions attended the meeting of nearly 17.


conference has carried out extensive exchanges and discussions on the reform of the institutions of fisheries research institutions, the exploitation and utilization of saline and alkaline land, the development of modern seed industry, and the cooperation of fishery science and technology. Responsible fisheries licensing experts for the development of trout breeding in Qinghai province and the "strict control, carrying capacity of the most stringent bio safety management measures, the most stringent water quality supervision measures" and "two main varieties, two main push technology" development ideas and fully affirmed, and related research on the trout fry seed breeding, disease prevention and control, fishery science and technology cooperation projects implementation of the exchange. During the visit to the province’s first factory circulating water salmon breeding field. (author: Luo Lianjun)


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